Food for the soul

as a mother I learned that I’m the one who is responsible in my house for my family nutritional needs. And as years went by and children grewing I started feeling guilty of not teaching my family about food and how to feed their souls with food. To me craving for a certain food is … Continue reading Food for the soul

Where do we draw the line

Where do you draw the line between women being free with themselves as free, and liberated. #feminism and women just being exploited by society for they bodies? I’m asking this because information this days is not that difficult to get hold of, wether good or bad information is there about whoever. Leaking of compromise information … Continue reading Where do we draw the line

Morning fun

as a mother and wife I realised that I can never have my own plans. My husband and boys don’t believe I can have plans which don’t include them, wether I’m having my “me time” I wake up now at 4am to have my me time.   This morning I thought of doing some relaxing … Continue reading Morning fun