The dangers of skin bleaching

 The dangers of #hydroquinone #lightenersHydroquinone is an ingredient commonly found in skin lightening creams. However, it has side effects as diverse and horrific as poisoning, convusions, asthma, leukaemia, liver damage, anaphylactic shock and infertility, as well as a medical condition called ochronosis where the skin becomes dark and thick, with dome shaped yellow or … Continue reading The dangers of skin bleaching


What a morning, I’m furious 😤😤😤😤baboons came and ripped my vegetable garden apart. Gosh!!! I feel like crying, just the other day we ate from the garden and , we were damn proud. The garden was doing so, well. We started a project as a family 2 months back, to do gardening on Sunday’s, thanks … Continue reading Garden

Habits in partners

Habits in partners  Today we concentrate on partners, it’s difficult as partners to be in the same space of mind. The fact remain as much as we are together we are still individuals. Yes one partner might be easy attempted to certain habits. Maybe peer pressure, yes it happens , men especially fall easy into … Continue reading Habits in partners

Habits conquer the mind

New month hey, so they say. The only thing I know is ” it’s school holidays” . While we still on habits I’m doing a fitness challenge on Instagram. The challenge is not about weight loss as most but, starting afresh, letting go of those habits that are dragging you down. Those habits which are … Continue reading Habits conquer the mind


On Saturdays I host a yoga class ( part of my yoga teacher training) and, today our topic was about habits. Every weekend our yoga session is based on a certain topic. Today it was no different. We all know the saying: ” habits conquers the mind”. So, some give up without even trying to … Continue reading Habits…

Who is the boss?

Who is the boss?Continuing on my ” mommy blues” today I had my whole day planned out ( yeah, so I thought I did) but, it did not turned as I planned. In my head, my day was, when everybody leaves in the morning, I will have a day filled with yoga, exercising, studying and … Continue reading Who is the boss?