Make it count.

How far do we push it as women to please our men. From that little tattoo with his initials. To changing my whole appearance to cater to his needs. We women are drastic when we are in love. Speaking from a woman’s point of view, few will say they never went to the extremes for … Continue reading Make it count.

Is Three a crowd ?

Every guys fantasy, ThreesomeHow many ladies would agree that the were once part of a threesome, no not drunk  Planned and willing and able, I’m not talking about ” im doing this to make him happy, no I’m talking about, we wanted to spice things up, and I as the woman decided to introduce the … Continue reading Is Three a crowd ?

Too comfortable to care

Too comfortable to care,As I’m sitting here watching every couple going pass. It’s easy to tell which are on a date and who are “old married couples”.People who are on dates, are dressed to kill. Best foot forward even smell the perfume, and make up done. “old married couple” well firstly we don’t call it … Continue reading Too comfortable to care